In the bibliography, an attempt was made to note.


This publication was composed primarily for pupils of forestry to whom a knowledge of the technical properties of wood is crucial. The technicians included are decreased to the simplest terms. And also without reference to greater maths, with which the pupils hardly ever recognize. The intention throughout has been to stay clear of all unnecessarily technological language as well as descriptions. Thereby making the subject-matter readily available to everyone interested in timber.

Part I is committed to a conversation of the mechanical homes of timber– the relation of timber product to stresses and stress. Much of the subject-matter is merely primary mechanics of materials generally, though created with reference to timber particularly. Various tables are consisted of, showing the various strength worths of a lot of the more crucial American timbers.

Component II take care of the variables affecting the mechanical properties of wood. This is a subject of passion to all that are worried about the logical use of wood, and to the forester, it also, by retrospect, recommends ways and methods of controlling his woodland product through control of the problems of manufacturing. An attempt has been made, in the light of all information handy, to address many moot questions, such as the result on the top quality of timber of price of development. The season of reducing, heartwood and sapwood, locality of development, weight, water material, steaming, as well as problems. 은꼴

Component III explains approaches to wood screening.

They are for the most part those adhered to by the UNITED STATE Forest Solution. In schools equipped with the essential equipment, the directions will certainly serve to direct the examinations; in others, a research of the message with reference to the illustrations needs to give an appropriate perception of the methods used in this crucial line of research.

The appendix contains a copy of the functioning plan adhered to by the UNITED STATE Woodland Solution in the substantial examinations covering the mechanical residential properties of the timbers expanded in the United States. It includes many useful recommendations for the independent private investigator. In addition, 4 tables of stamina worths for structural woods, both environment-friendly and air-seasoned, are consisted of. The connection of the stresses established in different architectural kinds to those established in the small clear samplings is given.

In the bibliography, an attempt was made to note.

All of the vital magazines and articles on the mechanical residential properties of timber and hardwood screening. While unquestionably insufficient, it ought to verify of assistance to the trainee that wishes a fuller understanding of the subject than is presented right here.

The writer is indebted to the UNITED STATE Woodland Service for nearly all of his tables and pictures as well as much of the data whereupon guide is based, because just the Government is able to perform the substantial investigations essential to an extensive understanding of the topic. Greater than eighty thousand examinations have actually been made at the Madison laboratory alone, and the job is much from completion.

The writer likewise acknowledges his insolvency to Mr. Emanuel Fritz, M.E., M.F., for many valuable recommendations in the preparation of Part I; and also specifically to Mr. Harry Donald Tiemann, M.E., M.F., a designer in charge of Lumber Physics at the Federal Government Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wisconsin, for careful alteration of the entire manuscript.